Do Cellulite Creams Work?

Many people with cellulite will try anything to get rid of the lumpy, dimpled areas of skin. This is why so many anti-cellulite products exist on the market today.

Before you spend your money, it’s important to understand cellulite and find out if any products touted to reduce it actually work. As an aesthetic specialist at Bergen Aesthetics, Dr. Heripsime Ohanian knows how bothersome cellulite can be. She provides some insight on the popular cellulite creams and other options you can use to tackle the unsightly, bumpy skin.

Why you have cellulite

Cellulite describes skin tissue that resembles cottage cheese skin because of its dimpled, lumpy, and uneven texture and appearance.

This unusual skin issue is caused by fat cells that push up against your skin’s surface while fibrous connective tissue pulls skin down. Cellulite is most common in your thighs and hips but can develop just about anywhere on your body.

Both men and women are prone to cellulite. However, women tend to have thinner skin that causes cellulite to become more visible.

The lowdown on cellulite creams

Long story short – there is no cream that will eliminate cellulite. Rather, cellulite creams are promoted to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Creams and other anti-cellulite products typically contain retinol, caffeine, and antioxidants. While these ingredients can be good for your skin, they can’t address the root cause of cellulite. Caffeine is especially beneficial for your skin because it flushes out toxins and improves blood circulation.

Retinol is meant to increase collagen, an essential protein for healthy skin. When it comes to cellulite treatment, there’s no clear understanding of how much retinol you might need to address the dimpled, uneven texture. Too much retinol actually has negative effects on your skin, drying it out and causing redness, flakiness, and peeling.

While some cellulite creams may temporarily improve the appearance of your skin and keep it hydrated, ultimately you need to rely on other solutions to eliminate cellulite.

Cellulaze® gets to the heart of cellulite

If you truly want to achieve results with a cellulite treatment, Dr. Ohanian offers Cellulaze, a system that uses laser energy to destroy fat cells that are responsible for your dimpled skin.

By directing laser energy into areas of cellulite, Dr. Ohanian breaks down the structure of fat cells so they can no longer store fat. Treatment also relaxes the connective tissues that make cellulite more apparent on your skin.

The laser also has the added benefit of boosting your body’s natural collagen production. As new collagen grows, your skin plumps up and becomes firmer. This produces long-lasting results with younger-looking, tighter skin that’s free of cellulite.

Not only does Cellulaze laser treatment eliminate cellulite that embarrasses you, but it’s also fast and requires minimal recovery time before you can get back to your usual routine.

If you’re ready to ditch cellulite creams and finally eliminate stubborn cellulite, schedule a consultation to see if Cellulaze is right for you. Call our office Paramus, New Jersey, or request a cellulite evaluation using our online booking feature.

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