• Excessive Sweating Is Even Worse in the Summer, but Hyperhidrosis Treatments Can Help

    on Jun 1st, 2019

The hot, humid days of summer can leave you a sweaty mess but if you have hyperhidrosis, you may already be sweating excessively for no reason at all. Severe, persistent sweating can ruin your summer plans, forcing you to stay inside hiding sweat stains and embarrassing odors.

Dr. Heripsime Ohanian is experienced in diagnosing and treating hyperhidrosis, offering the latest treatments for addressing excessive sweating. If you’re prone to sweating through your clothes every summer or any time of the year, Dr. Ohanian can help.

How hyperhidrosis impacts your life

When you’re otherwise healthy, your body uses sweat as an effective way to cool your body to prevent overheating. When the nerves that activate your sweat glands become oversensitive, it can lead to hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes you to sweat excessively, even when you’re not physically active and your body doesn’t need to cool down. You can sweat for no reason at all, or due to an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or low blood sugar.

Hyperhidrosis can also be triggered in women during their transition to menopause, due to declining hormone levels that lead to hot flashes.

In the warm months of summer, your constant sweating can interfere with your quality of life, making it difficult to stay physically or socially active. And your symptoms may worsen when you become stressed or anxious.

There’s no reason to sweat your hyperhidrosis symptoms. Dr. Ohanian offers an innovative laser treatment using the PrecisionTx® technology, which directly addresses the root cause of your excessive sweating.

What to expect with PrecisionTx treatments

PrecisionTx is an advanced laser system created by Cynosure® that Dr. Ohanian uses to destroy the glands that produce excessive sweat. The procedure is known as axillary gland ablation, a minimally invasive laser procedure that takes less than an hour to complete.

During your PrecisionTx treatment, Dr. Ohanian targets the axillary gland with laser energy that heats and destroys the soft gland tissue found under your armpits. To keep you comfortable during the in-office procedure, you can receive a topical anesthetic before she begins using the laser.

Following treatment, you can go home to relax without limitations or need for recovery. While some soreness in the treatment area is common, side effects of PrecisionTx are minimal. The tiny incisions require minimal care and there is no visible scarring.

End hyperhidrosis in just one treatment

Once the axillary glands are destroyed, they can no longer produce excessive amounts of sweat. You’ll be able to enjoy outdoor summer fun without stressing over sweat-stained clothes, bad odors, or finding a deodorant strong enough to address your issues.

Within a week of treatment, you should start seeing a significant reduction in sweating and odor. There’s no need to receive follow-up laser treatments because the destroyed glands won’t regenerate.

You’ll never have to worry about sweating through your clothes every summer -- or ever again. Schedule a consultation for axillary gland ablation with PrecisionTx today by calling us at Bergen Aesthetics at 201-228-9704.

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