Facts and Myths About Body Contouring

Body contouring is usually defined as any procedure that alters the shape of a particular part of the body. Some of the procedures are minimally invasive, while others require surgery.

You’ll often see the term “lift” associated with many body contouring procedures. Breast lift, face-lift, arm lift, etc. These are very common types of contouring, but there are many others, including liposuction, fat transfer and more. And some of the procedures, like liposuction, offer different ways to remove fat and return firmness to specific areas of the body.

Let’s get into some of the common facts and myths surrounding body contouring.


Fact: Body contouring procedures are as popular as ever

In 2017, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tucks were all in the top five most performed procedures.

These body contouring procedures and others have been around for several years. People looking to change their body to better fit their image of themselves seek out these procedures for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s simply to change their appearance. Other people need changes for medical conditions and as a result of previous medical procedures. And some are more emotion-based.


Myth: Body contouring only affects external appearance

A team reviewed a number of medical papers regarding body contouring for bariatric surgery patients. The team found that body contouring likely improved overall quality of life including social and psychological functioning, sexual functioning, self-esteem and more.

Obviously a main reason for interest in body contouring is outward appearance, but the benefits run much deeper. Patients feel better about themselves, and their overall quality of life improves. If you’ve been considering body contouring, take into account the possible changes that may occur to your overall quality of life.


Fact: Radio frequency procedures show amazing results

A team reviewed 55 articles covering 3,649 patients, and the results showed that body contouring with radio frequency procedures were showing some of the best results in the field.

The procedure is pretty neat. Heat is produced by the radio frequency. A negative pressure is created and allows for the removal device to reach and remove fat in many areas of the body.

It’s a minimally invasive procedure with great results.


Myth: Body sculpting procedures haven’t changed much

New advances keep arriving in the world of body sculpting. Many of the existing procedures have been safe and FDA-approved, but researchers and doctors continue to search for innovations.

One team recently reviewed the effectiveness of using laser face-lift procedures versus more traditional methods. The findings show that both procedures were effective, but the laser treatments are proving to be more effective and with even fewer complications.

Laser face-lift, laser neck lift and other procedures are just a couple of the innovations in body sculpting. Sure, some of the tried and true methods remain common and effective, but the best doctors are always looking for ways to improve.



Fact: Body contouring is associated with long-term weight loss

It’s common for some people to undergo massive weight loss, some with procedures and others via surgery. These patients often require body contouring procedures.

Researchers reviewed multiple studies and found body contouring efforts to be effective in helping patients to maintain a normal body mass index and quality of life.

Body contouring works great for helping with large weight loss, but it can also work superbly in many other instances.



Body sculpting can have many benefits. Patients come to Dr. Heripsime Ohanian for a variety of reasons, but they’re all looking to improve something about their body. While they leave happy with their appearance, many see dramatic changes psychologically and emotionally as well.

For more information about body sculpting and other procedures, contact Bergen Aesthetics today. We’re also available at 201-228-9704.

We offer a variety of body sculpting. Non-invasive, invasive and everything in between.

Outcomes are customized to each individual and may involve a reduction of fat or removal of fat in certain areas with body sculpting procedures.

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