I'm Constantly Hiding Embarrassing Sweat Stains — Can You Help?

I'm Constantly Hiding Embarrassing Sweat Stains — Can You Help?

Sweating is your body’s natural way to cool itself off when temperatures get too high. However, if you sweat excessively, you may have a condition known as hyperhidrosis.

At Bergen Aesthetics, our aesthetic specialist Heripsime Ohanian, PhD, MD, FACOG, offers nonsurgical, PrecisionTx® treatments for hyperhidrosis. Dr. Ohanian can determine if you’re a candidate for this laser therapy during a comprehensive consultation in our office.

Why you have hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that results in excessive, abnormal sweating without any cause. You may also experience unpleasant body odor when you sweat.

Typically, your body uses sweat to lower your body temperature when you get overheated as from exercise, overweight or increased testosterone or estrogen in young healthy people.   Also in women during hormonal changes such as  in pregnancy and  during menopausal hot flashes. 

When you have hyperhidrosis, the nerves that activate your sweat glands become overly sensitive and generate sweat, even when you’re not exercising or feeling overheated. Exercise, being overweight, increased testosterone or estoner in your body

You can develop hyperhidrosis for no identifiable reason or because of underlying health issues like diabetes or the use of certain medications.

As a result of hyperhidrosis, your sweat glands produce excess sweat that can soak through your clothes and drip off your hands, feet, face, and underarms.

When to get help for hyperhidrosis

You can schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Bergen Aesthetics if you sweat excessively or for no specific reason. Dr. Ohanian also recommends that you book an appointment if excess sweat interferes with your job and other activities or causes embarrassment or distress.

During your evaluation, we review your symptoms and complete a physical exam. You may also need blood work or other lab tests to rule out conditions like low blood sugar or thyroid disorder.

If you’re in good overall health, Dr. Ohanian can use the PrecisionTx laser system to relieve your hyperhidrosis symptoms for good.

How PrecisionTx treats excessive sweating

PrecisionTX is the Gold Standard for permanent sweat reduction .

While nothing permanently stops sweating, PrecisionTx is a laser system that destroys the axillary glands, which are responsible for producing sweat. The procedure, known as an axillary gland ablation, involves no incisions. The laser technology is highly effective and requires minimal downtime after your procedure is complete. Risk for side effects after treatment is also low.

During your ablation procedure, Dr. Ohanian uses a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area to prevent any discomfort. She cycles the laser on and targets the sweat glands beneath your skin. Treatment, including prep time, takes between one and two hours, and you can go back to your usual activities soon after.

Once destroyed, the treated glands can no longer produce sweat. You won’t have to worry any longer about embarrassing sweat stains or spend money on special deodorants or antiperspirants to cover up unpleasant body odors.

Call Bergen Aesthetics in Paramus, New Jersey, to find out how axillary gland ablation with PrecisionTx can end excessive sweating for good or book an appointment online today. 

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