Start Laser Hair Removal Now and Be Beach-Ready By Summer

Laser hair removal is a great way to get rid of unwanted body hair without the inconvenience and discomfort of waxing and shaving.

Dr. Heripsime Ohanian and the staff at Bergen Aesthetics use the latest laser hair removal technology to remove hair on your legs and other areas to prepare you for summer. However, to be beach-ready by the start of the warmer season, you need to begin treatments now.

The process of laser hair removal

To eliminate your unwanted body hair, Dr. Ohanian uses the Cutera® CoolGlide® laser system. This advanced technology uses pulses of light energy to destroy the structure of follicles in your desired treatment area to prevent the growth of new hair.

The laser works on all types of skin, targeting the pigments when each follicle is in the active growth phase, breaking it down and ultimately destroying it permanently. The system is powerful enough to eliminate the follicle without harming the surrounding tissue in the treatment area.

Dr. Ohanian uses the CoolGlide technology to eliminate hair growth in many areas of your body, such as:

For added comfort, the CoolGlide system offers a cooling feature that cycles on through your treatment. This cools the skin and further reduces your need for anesthetics, including topical numbing medicines.

While your skin may appear red, and you may feel like you have a slight sunburn after treatment, laser hair removal has minimal risks for side effects. You don’t even need any downtime after your procedure and can get right back to your usual routine after you leave the office.

Why you need to book your laser hair removal appointment now

Using the CoolGlide laser technology, Dr. Ohanian can only treat hair follicles in the active growth phase. For this reason, you’ll need a series of laser treatments to destroy all of the follicles in the treatment area.

Body hair grows in different cycles, so the customized treatment plan Dr. Ohanian creates can determine how far apart you need to space out your appointments to achieve optimal results. The number of treatments you need also depends on the size of the treatment area.

Many people need as many as six sessions of laser therapy to eliminate unwanted body hair. These are usually scheduled several weeks apart, so you need to schedule your appointments well in advance of summer.

Early treatment protects skin health

It’s also important that you avoid direct sunlight following your treatments. Laser treatments increase the sensitivity of your skin and may lead to unintended sunburns or skin damage. 

If you plan to spend your summer at the beach, scheduling your laser hair removal sessions during the colder months eliminates the need to stay covered up during the time you’re receiving treatments.

You can do more than just imagine a life without razors and messy wax. Laser hair removal provides long-lasting results that get you ready for this summer and many summers in the future. Book your laser treatments early to get a jump on smooth, summer-ready skin.

Schedule your laser hair removal consultation today at Bergen Aesthetics by calling the office in Paramus, New Jersey, or by requesting an appointment online now.

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