When to Consider a Botox® Touch-Up

When to Consider a Botox® Touch-Up

Botox® injections are a minimally invasive way to address age-related creases around your eyes and across your brow. While the results of Botox can last for several months, treated areas may need a touch-up from time to time.

As a skilled aesthetic specialist, Heripsime Ohanian, PhD, MD, FACOG, offers both initial Botox injections and maintenance treatments in-office at Bergen Aesthetics.

Dr. Ohanian focuses on minimizing the wrinkles and creases of age you while ensuring your results look natural. She can also keep you looking more youthful and vibrant with dermal fillers and other aesthetic services.

How Botox fights wrinkles

Botox is a purified form of the botulinum toxin type A. In small doses, this protein temporarily paralyzes muscles in your face that contribute to crow’s-feet and frown lines.

Years of frowning, smiling, and making other expressions cause certain facial muscles to contract and lead to noticeable wrinkles and creases. Injections of Botox can relax these muscles, so your skin smooths out and gives you a younger-looking appearance.

We also offer Restylane®, a dermal filler that can fill in areas of lost volume around your cheeks and mouth. Dr. Ohanian may suggest fillers in addition to Botox to further enhance your overall aesthetic.

What to expect during your first Botox treatment

Before your first Botox appointment, Dr. Ohanian carefully evaluates your skin and the severity of your facial wrinkles and creases. If you’re a candidate for Botox therapy, she customizes a plan that she follows during your treatment.

During Botox therapy, Dr. Ohanian injects precise amounts of Botox into targeted muscles across your brow and in the upper part of your face. She can first apply an anesthetic cream to the injection site to prevent any discomfort.

Initially, you might notice some mild swelling or bruising in the treatment area. These issues will resolve on their own within a few days.

Some people can see results of Botox therapy immediately after their injections, but it can take four days or longer to see the full benefit of your treatment.

When to schedule your next Botox touch-up

The results of Botox therapy can last for up to four months, depending on the severity of your wrinkles and your overall skin health.

However, as Botox wears off and your muscles start to contract again, you may notice that wrinkles across your brow and creases near your eyes will come back. For some people, this can start happening within two months of treatment.

When the wrinkles become more noticeable, you should call the Bergen Aesthetics office to schedule an evaluation. Dr. Ohanian can determine if it’s the right time to complete a Botox touch-up.

The good news is that your follow-up treatments won’t require the same amount of Botox as your initial treatment. Dr. Ohanian can achieve the same results as before using less Botox during your maintenance injections.

If you’re not sure that Botox is right for you or you need a Botox touch-up, call Bergen Aesthetics today to schedule an appointment or book one online.

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