Why Twenty-Somethings Are Using BOTOX (for Wrinkle Prevention)

BOTOX® has a new fan base. For over 20 years, men and women have received BOTOX injections to smooth out the wrinkles on their faces, and they still do. But now, a younger, pre-wrinkle crowd fills the appointment slots for BOTOX injections. Why would healthy men and women in their twenties seek out BOTOX injections?

The BOTOX draw for the younger set

Twenty-somethings who choose BOTOX injections are looking to the future. They are watching their parents age and use BOTOX to reverse the signs of aging. In this age, where the value of preventive medicine is well-known, the younger generation is choosing BOTOX injections to prevent the appearance of wrinkles before they show up.

If you are a young professional, it’s likely that you are investing in 401ks and other types of retirement accounts in preparation for the future. It makes sense that you would look ahead to how the years will affect your looks, as well as your bank account.

How does BOTOX help prevent wrinkles?

Wrinkles develop from repeated muscle contractions that crease the skin. The collagen and moisture in your skin keep it flexible and resilient, but over time, the crease marks on your skin become more permanent. BOTOX injections cause your facial muscles to relax, allowing the skin to lay smoothly in the injection areas.

When you use BOTOX while your skin is still smooth and free from wrinkles, you prevent wrinkles by preventing the muscle contractions that create them. BOTOX injections become a preventive anti-aging solution. Individuals who use BOTOX for wrinkle prevention often find their need for BOTOX injections lessens as they age.

What areas of the face need wrinkle prevention?

The first place wrinkles generally develop is around your eyes. Each time you smile or squint, small muscles to the sides of your eyes contract. Eventually, these frequent muscle movements leave “crow’s feet” wrinkles at the outer corners of your eyes. The other facial expression that quickly creates a permanent crease is your frown. The muscles between and above your eyebrows contract when you frown.

Since wrinkles form most quickly around your eyes, these areas are the most frequently targeted for wrinkle prevention. The tiny muscles surrounding your eyes relax when injected with BOTOX, minimizing contractions temporarily.

Is BOTOX safe to use at a young age?

Over six million BOTOX injections were performed in 2015. BOTOX became popular for cosmetic purposes in the mid-‘90s. It has been the target of hundreds of studies and is currently approved for cosmetic use in at least 78 countries around the world. The effects of BOTOX injections are temporary and dissipate with time.

When scheduling BOTOX injections, it’s crucial to always provide your medical team with a thorough health history and a list of prescription and non-prescription drugs you are using. BOTOX injections should not be used by those allergic to ingredients in the BOTOX injectables.

If you have additional questions about the use of BOTOX injections for the prevention of wrinkles, we encourage you to contact us at Bergen Aesthetics. We believe informed patients make the best decisions when it comes to their care.

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