5 Benefits of Body Contouring

When you want to look your best, but find it difficult to lose extra pockets of fat through diet and exercise, body contouring may be for you.

At Bergen Aesthetics in Paramus, New Jersey, body-contouring specialist, Dr. Heripsime Ohanian offers a wide range of body-contouring services using the latest technologies.

Dr. Ohanian customizes your treatment plan to enhance only the areas of your body you want to target. She also uses minimally invasive techniques to eliminate unwanted body fat without major surgery or extended downtime.

An overview of body contouring

Body contouring is a procedure to remove excess fat and reshape remaining fatty tissue to improve your natural contours. Dr. Ohanian offers several body-contouring technologies including:

Smartlipo® Triplex®

Smartlipo Triplex is laser-assisted liposuction that uses light energy to liquify fat cells and suction them out through a small incision.

Tumescent liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is a liposuction procedure that targets fat under the surface of your skin. During this procedure, large volumes of water, a diluted anesthetic, and medication are injected to firm up the fat and constrict the capillaries,which prevents bleeding.


I-Lipo is a pain-free treatment that uses laser technology to reduce fat and recontour your body without surgery.


BodyFX is a noninvasive body-contouring system that uses radiofrequency energy to heat and penetrate the skin, reducing excess fat and increasing firmness in the treatment area.

Avelar abdominoplasty

Avelar abdominoplasty is a procedure to remove excess abdominal fat without large incisions and body trauma.

Fat transfer

A fat transfer involves taking fat from other areas of your body and injecting them into areas where fine lines and wrinkles appear.

The 5 benefits of body contouring

Depending on which method of body contouring you and Dr. Ohanian choose to improve your appearance, you can expect benefits like:

1. No extended downtime

Many of the body-contouring procedures available require no extended downtime or recovery period.

Because lasers and other body-contouring techniques require only small incisions or none at all, you can expect to get back to your regular activities quickly. Several of the procedures only require local anesthesia, which wears off within a few hours after your treatment.

2. No risks for scarring

Due to the noninvasive nature of many of the body-contouring services, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary trauma to your body.

Procedures that require invasive techniques only need small incisions to access targeted fat deposits. Dr. Ohanian is highly skilled in creating an incision that will heal fully, minimizing your risk for permanent scars.

3. Get results in many places

Excess fat can develop on many areas of your body, and with body-contouring technology, you can treat these areas without invasive surgery.

The different body-contouring procedures are designed to treat excess fat on your abdomen, love handles, buttocks, and back. Dr. Ohanian can also treat the more delicate areas of your body including the:

Through a customized treatment plan, Dr. Ohanian can target the areas of your body you’re unhappy with, so you can achieve your desired results.

4. Enjoy permanent results

The destruction or removal of unwanted fat ensures your results are permanent. Once the chosen body-contouring system damages or removes fat cells, they can’t grow back.

As long as you continue to eat healthy and get daily exercise, you can expect to retain your results for the long term. Many people are so inspired by their results, they find it easier to commit to the healthy lifestyle changes they need to make to keep their results.

5. Improve your overall look

Not only do the available body-contouring treatments get rid of unwanted fat and enhance your body’s natural contours, they can also improve your overall appearance.

Increasing the firmness of the targeted treatment area helps your skin look smoother and younger. Dr. Ohanian can combine your body-contouring treatment with a fat transfer to eliminate wrinkles and lines that age you prematurely.

To learn how body contouring can benefit you, schedule a consultation online or call Bergen Aesthetics today.

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