SculpSure: Lose Those Last Stubborn Pounds with Body Contouring

When you’ve worked so hard to lose weight only to be disappointed by those last few stubborn deposits of fat, SculpSure® body contouring can make the difference.

Many of us find that our bodies store and distribute fat differently than we’d prefer. As a result, you end up with stubborn areas of fat that’s hard to lose no matter how well you eat or how much you exercise. These fat deposits can be frustrating and affect how you feel about your body.

Here at Bergen Aesthetics, Dr. Ohanian offers comprehensive body-sculpting services using the innovative SculpSure technology to boost your fat-loss success and ensure you’re completely satisfied with your appearance.

How SculpSure can transform your body

Sculpsure is an innovative system that uses laser energy to heat fat cells underneath the surface of your skin. Once heated, the structure of the fat cells breaks apart, destroying their integrity permanently.

Your body’s natural processes then take over, eliminating the dead fat cells as waste. There’s no further treatment needed as your body flushes out the excess fat continually, allowing your body to slim down and your natural, slimmer contours to stand out.

Customized results

Because everyone has different needs, Dr. Ohanian creates a custom treatment plan to address the specific areas of fat that affect your self-confidence. She can use the SculpSure technology to tackle fat on your:

While just one session can give you satisfying results, you may need additional treatments to truly optimize your body contours. Everyone has different they would like to improve, which is why we create a customize treatment program for each patient.

Pain-free procedure, plenty of results

Treatment with the SculpSure laser technology doesn’t damage your skin or any surrounding tissues, and you can receive your treatment without the need for anesthesia or recovery time.

During each treatment, you may feel a slight tingling sensation as laser energy targets the fat. Your skin may also feel warm when the laser cycles on, but the built-in cooling system ensures treatment is comfortable and with minimal discomfort.

In the weeks after your treatment, your body continues to metabolize fat cells and your results become increasingly apparent. After 4 weeks, you should see a definite improvement in the treatment area, and it can take up to 12 weeks to achieve your desired results.

Long-lasting contouring benefits

One of the reasons SculpSure treatments are so popular is because your results can last for years to come. After the thermal energy destroys the fat cells, they’re gone for good and can no longer store fat.

As long as you maintain your daily exercise routine and eat a healthy diet, you can enjoy the benefits SculpSure offers. Your clothing will fit better, and you may even be motivated to expanding your healthy lifestyle habits.

Find out if SculpSure body contouring is right for you by calling our office in Paramus, New Jersey, today or book an appointment online.

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