How Laser Cellulite Treatment Can Help You Look Great This Summer

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If you stopped wearing your favorite summer clothes because you’re embarrassed by cellulite, it’s time to consider the benefits of the Cellulaze® cellulite reduction treatments at Bergen Aesthetics.

Cellulaze is a nonsurgical technology that Heripsime Ohanian, PhD, MD, FACOG, uses to minimize the appearance of cellulite, so your skin looks smoother and more youthful.

Dr. Ohanian provides comprehensive skin evaluations to identify the areas she can treat with Cellulaze and ensure this therapy is a good fit for you.

Why you have cellulite

Cellulite describes the bumpy, dimpled skin that appears on your buttocks, thighs, and other areas of your body.

Cellulite forms when connective tissue pulls downward and causes fat cells in the area to push upward against the skin. This push-pull effect creates dimpling in your skin that gives it an uneven, cottage cheeselike texture.

Anyone can develop cellulite at any time. The condition is even noticeable in adolescents in puberty. However, females are more likely to have cellulite than males, possibly due to the hormone changes that occur during monthly menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause.

When to consider Cellulaze therapy

Treating cellulite is a personal choice. While cellulite isn’t a warning sign of underlying medical issues or considered harmful to your health, many adults choose to treat cellulite to improve their skin’s appearance.

If you’re embarrassed by cellulite but aren’t interested in surgery, Dr. Ohanian can determine if you’re a candidate for Cellulaze laser therapy. This treatment uses laser energy to relax the connective tissues that make fat cells bulge upward. As the tissues relax, the fat cells drop back and skin above it smooths out.

Cellulaze laser treatments also stimulate your body’s natural collagen production. This essential protein is what keeps skin looking youthful and plump. In the weeks after laser cellulite reduction treatments, more collagen travels to the treatment area to tighten your skin.

Fast treatments, minimal downtime

Cellulaze technology provides lasting results after just one treatment. Dr. Ohanian can treat several areas of dimpled skin during a short procedure. She provides a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable throughout your session.

Side effects of Cellulaze therapy are minimal, although you may notice mild swelling or bruising in the treatment area. These issues resolve on their own in a few days.

You can go home to recover soon after your session is complete. Dr. Ohania recommends that you limit your activities for a few days while you recover and can recommend when it’s safe to return to your usual schedule.

Some people can see an improvement in their skin right away. However, it takes time for your tissues to relax and for your body to produce more collagen. Many see optimal results of treatment in three to six months as skin becomes tighter and feels smoother. You can retain your results in the long term by following a healthy diet, staying physically active, and keeping your body hydrated.

Call Bergen Aesthetics in Paramus, New Jersey, to schedule a Cellulaze cellulite reduction consultation or book an appointment online today.

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