PRP: Your Surgery-Free Help for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair and premature hair loss can have a significant impact on your self-esteem and how you feel about your appearance. While there are many options for restoring a full head of healthy hair, here at Bergen AestheticsDr. Heripsime Ohanian offers something unique and innovative for hair restoration.

Dr. Ohanian harnesses the power of your body’s own ability to heal itself and uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to regenerate new hair growth. There are no medications, harsh chemicals, or painful surgeries involved, and the in-office treatment is fast and convenient.

How PRP stimulates hair growth

The platelets and plasma in PRP are found in your blood. Platelets contain proteins known as growth factors that promote healing in your body from the inside out. Dr. Ohanian specializes in this type of regenerative medicine to treat hair loss and other conditions.

Dr. Ohanian injects PRP into specific areas around your scalp, which stimulates existing hair follicles to produce new hair. PRP can also help your body generate new hair follicles, further adding to your natural hair’s volume and health.

Customizing PRP for your hair restoration

Many people require multiple sessions of PRP therapy to achieve optimum results. During each appointment, Dr. Ohanian draws a small sample of your blood and processes it in a centrifuge. This device spins to separate the platelets and plasma from other materials in your blood, providing a high concentration of PRP that’s ready for injection.

Your custom treatment plan is developed based on the severity of your hair loss. The injections are fast and side effects are minimal, with most people reporting some scalp soreness at the injection site afterwards.

Dr. Ohanian establishes a timeline for additional PRP therapy, focusing on different areas of your scalp where hair has fallen out or grown thin. Your treatment plan is customized to ensure maximum results.

Results worth waiting for

Because of how PRP works, your results won’t be immediate. It takes time for your body to start producing new hair follicles and increase the hair growth from existing follicles.

Many patients receiving PRP therapy for hair restoration begin to see results of fuller, thicker hair within 2-3 months of starting treatment. As your hair continues to grow, your injection appointments with Dr. Ohanian may become more spread out, allowing her to address only certain areas of your scalp. She may also recommend follow-up injections every 6-12 months to help you maintain your results.

Hair restoration with low risk for side effects

Outside of the minor soreness you feel after your injections, PRP therapy is both safe and effective for many people. Since your own blood is being used for treatment, there’s little risk for complications related to rejection or infection.

After each of your injection appointments, you can return to your usual activities without limitations and without anyone knowing you’re having treatments. Injections leave no noticeable scars and require no downtime.

The results of PRP give you back your healthy, natural hair, and you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable surgeries or noticeable hair transplants that look unrealistic or unnatural.

If you’re looking for a nonsurgical solution for hair restoration, consider the many benefits PRP therapy offers. You can learn more about the PRP process by calling the office in Paramus, New Jersey, or by booking a consultation with us while you’re here on our website.

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